Seaside Camp | Discover Culture

Get ready for a summer camp experience with a Caribbean twist! Join Max and Ruby™ at the Kids Club Seaside Summer Camp, taking your youngsters through a cultural expedition that is both fun and educational. With a variety of daily programs including language, cuisine, art, music, history, and dance, your kids will have the unique opportunity to become little cultural experts in the country in which they are vacationing. Encourage your young explorers to participate in all five days of Seaside Summer Camp to get every page of their Activity Passport stamped!

Camp Program Dates

Summer Break | June 24 – September 2, 2019 

Christmas Holidays | December 23, 2019 – January 03, 2020

*Seaside Summer Camp is available at all family-friendly Royalton Luxury Resorts

Rise and Shine Fitness

All good mornings start with fun in the sun! With Rise and Shine Fitness, kids will jump, dance and stretch to get their muscles moving and their hearts pumping! Children will be encouraged to complete this fun morning fitness routine that incorporates local music and dance, and was designed by their special friends Max and Ruby™. 

Arts and Crafts

From finger painting and t-shirt making to creating unique treasures, cultural crafts and more, the Arts and Crafts program provides a variety of creative hands-on learning for your little ones. Arts & Crafts at Seaside Summer Camp are an engaging way for kids to learn about other cultures while tapping into their artistic side. Seashell photo frames, indigenous masks, build-a-landmark, and beaded bracelets are just a few of the arts and crafts projects that kids can create.

Scavenger Hunts

Max and Ruby™ are ready to explore! Kids will love this adventure and problem-solving activity that tests their knowledge as they follow special clues that will guide them all over the resort. Once all the clues are found, Max and Ruby™ will be ready and eager to hear the little explorers’ answers and celebrate their success!

Nature Hikes

Bugs, plants, and animals! Max and Ruby™ noticed that the environment at the resort is very different from the one at home and want your help to discover all the amazing new species. With our Nature Hikes, kids have the unique opportunity to learn about the regional flora and fauna surrounding the resort and the opportunity to join our Kid’s Archaeological Dig! 

Camp Cooking

The best way to learn about new cultures is through food! Kids will have a blast making local dishes and cultural favorites, having picnics, and gaining skills in the kitchen, cooking up some wonderful new flavors to share with their friends Max and Ruby™. Children can learn step-by-step how to make kid-approved local favorites like Guacamole (Mexico) or host their own Tasting Night to teach others about local foods and how they are made.

Games and Activities

It wouldn’t be summer camp without water balloons! Kids will have loads of fun with classic camp activities like tug of war, water balloon toss and sand castle contest! Other activities encourage cultural learning and include: costume play, map games, and language lessons. These activities encourage team building and are suitable for kids of all ages.

Summer Fun and Entertainment

Seaside Summer Camp’s unforgettable fun is made complete with campfire sing-alongs, karaoke and board games. Kids will learn about new cultures and make new friends with a variety of fun and engaging summer-time entertainment. Kids can stay connected with new friends for years to come with the Pen Pal Partner Program that encourages our little campers to continue their new friendships for years to come. 

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